Sunday, January 06, 2019

Go Team! in Birmingham, England - 1988-1989

Hello Internet,

Way back in 1988, a 17 year-old American named Jason spent a year in Birmingham, England, as part of a volunteer "Gospel Outreach Team." I was a Californian teenager looking to learn more about England and help grow an inner-city church.  There were four Go Teams! in the UK (that I remember): Birmingham, Stirling, Inverness, and Durham (I might be miss-remembering on that last one). And the UK teams were lead by Gwyn and Glyn (Glen?).

I was the only American, living with four British young men in a tiny house in Sparkhill. My housemates were James, Matthew, Shane, and Gary (and in the beginning, Andy).  There were also four women who lived in the dormitory at a local hospital: Heidi, Heather, Eileen, and Helen.

I've lost contact with nearly everyone on the Go Team! and the other friends I made when I was there, so I'm hoping with this post might show up in a Google Search by others reminiscing about those times and thinking of long lost friends.

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