Sunday, January 06, 2019

Go Team! in Birmingham, England - 1988-1989

Hello Internet,

Way back in 1988, a 17 year-old American named Jason spent a year in Birmingham, England, as part of a volunteer "Gospel Outreach Team." I was a Californian teenager looking to learn more about England and help grow an inner-city church.  There were four Go Teams! in the UK (that I remember): Birmingham, Stirling, Inverness, and Durham (I might be miss-remembering on that last one). And the UK teams were lead by Gwyn and Glyn (Glen?).

I was the only American, living with four British young men in a tiny house in Sparkhill. My housemates were James, Matthew, Shane, and Gary (and in the beginning, Andy).  There were also four women who lived in the dormitory at a local hospital: Heidi, Heather, Eileen, and Helen.

I've lost contact with nearly everyone on the Go Team! and the other friends I made when I was there, so I'm hoping with this post might show up in a Google Search by others reminiscing about those times and thinking of long lost friends.

If you want to get in touch, feel free to reach out to me at


007 said...

Oh my, those pictures! I have a whole album full of those from my Go Team days. I hope others track you down, Jason. All the best! James.

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