Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Lindsay Lohan’s Wild Ride

Perfecting the vacuous stareOkay, I understand that the paparazzi are a scourge upon this planet, but without them how we would know that Britney Spears is white trash, that Jen is totally upset about Brad, and that the Olsen twins are grotesquely thin??

Unfortunately, the paparazzi are a necessary evil that play a vital role in maintaining a core tenant of the U.S. Constitution – freedom of religion. Celebrity worship is as American as ignorance, excess and apple pie.

It’s true that the actions of the paparazzi have had some dire consequences – the death of Princess Diana being the most notorious. However, for all the celebrities they hound, you don’t hear of that many incidents – unless they involve Lindsay Lohan.

Sure, Lohan is a popular media target right now who is attracting her fair share of paparazzi, but there are lots of other stars out there pursued by aggressive photographers who don’t wreck there cars on a regular basis. One begins to wonder if part of the problem lies in Lohan’s driving abilities – or lack thereof.

I’m not saying that the paparazzi didn’t play a role, but if you see a black Mercedes convertible coming your way, you might want to give it wide berth.

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