Sunday, January 29, 2006

Four Things

FourAgainst my better judgment, I’m participating in this meme. I do it as a favor to Doug, who passed it along to me with high expectations. I take solace in the fact that it doesn’t have anything to do with totem polls, dancing smiley faces or inspiring narratives. Plus, it only exhorts me to pass it on to 4 people, and not everyone in my address book.

Four jobs I’ve had

  1. Cashier at the Home of the Whopper.
  2. A mime in Birmingham, England
  3. Overhead Projector Light Bulb Changer
  4. Postman in Del Mar, CA

Four movies I can watch over and over

  1. The Princess Bride
  2. The Nightmare Before Christmas
  3. Casablanca
  4. Star Wars (episodes IV & V)

Four places I’ve lived

  1. Roanoke, VA
  2. Albuquerque, NM
  3. Santa Barbara, CA
  4. San Francisco, CA

Four TV shows I love to watch

  1. Arrested Development. (Everyone pray that Showtime picks it up)
  2. The Office. (It gets funnier every week)
  3. Scrubs.
  4. American Dad.

(Yes, you’ve guessed correctly, I don’t have cable)

Four places I’ve been on vacation

  1. Florence, Italy
  2. Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica
  3. Cuzco, Peru
  4. Budapest, Hungary

Four of my favorite dishes

  1. Baked Rigatoni (Old Venice)
  2. BBQ Ribs (Phil’s BBQ)
  3. Teriyaki Ahi (Dolphin Café)
  4. Pollo Asado Burrito (La Cumbré)

Four sites I visit daily

  1. Yahoo!’s Most Emailed Photos
  2. Go Fug Yourself
  3. The Superficial
  4. Spoofee

What an exciting list.

Four places I’d rather be right now

  1. San Francisco
  2. Costa Rica
  3. London
  4. Paris

Four bloggers I’m tagging

  1. Unfortunately, apart from Doug, my friends don’t blog.

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