Thursday, January 12, 2006

Headline of the Day: iPod Gets in Your Pants

in your pantsThere's been a lot of news about Apple lately - what with MacWorld, CES, etc. That's in addition to the requisite, daily iPod news that reporters put out to fill their quotas.

One of the new “news” items is iPod-friendly clothing. In addition to backpacks and jackets with built in controls, Levi’s is now making a pair of jeans with a docking station, headphones, etc. Essential stuff for any music-loving, money-throwing-away, iPod fanatic.

I refuse to cover this in more detail, except to acknowledge one of the better headlines announcing the news. It comes from Motely Fool: “iPod Gets in Your Pants.”

God bless those fools. That’s journalism at its finest.

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