Friday, May 12, 2006

OJ is Funny

OJWhen I say that OJ Simpson is funny, I don’t mean funny in the ‘ha ‘ha’ sense of the word. I mean it in the funny-peculiar/funny-murderer type of way. If you don’t agree, consider OJs latest attempt to show the world that he’s not just good at killing people – he’s got a great sense of humor too! He’s doing this by drawing from these two skills to create a comedy pay-per-view special.

Yes, OJ is going to be the star of his own candid-camera show. I’m not sure what his catchphrase will be, but I’ve heard that he’s drawing inspiration from Jamie Kennedy and going with something like “You’ve just been off-ed.”

Apparently, OJ has a killer sense of humor. One hilarious gag has to do with trying to sell the white Bronco at a used car lot. So funny! He’s taking an icon associated with a grisly murder and turning it into pure comedy.

Of course, some might argue that such a gag is in poor taste. Regardless of whether OJ is guilty (which he is), his use of the infamous Bronco for a few laughs certainly smacks of being insensitive. Plus, I’m surprised that he’s got time for a pay-per-view special when all of his free time is surely being spent on looking for Nicole’s real killer.

For shame, OJ, for shame.

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