Thursday, December 15, 2005


An odd pairing
Acutely conservative columnist Ann Coulter titles her latest editorial/pathetic rant, "Why Can’t I Get Arrested?" Considering that Arrested Development’s humor is intended for an intelligent and sophisticated audience, I’m not surprised that she doesn’t get it. If the show had a laugh track like traditional “comedies,” she might have a chance – but even then I’m not placing bets.

However, after clicking on the headline, Ann appears to be talking about actual incarceration. Heck, if Ms. Coulter wants to get thrown in jail, I believe that someone should oblige her. This is America after all – a land where people should be able to achieve their dreams. Especially if they’re born into the right echelon of society. The unlucky ones can fend for themselves. At least I think that’s one of the principle tenants of the ultra-conservative right.

The good news is that Ann is right on one front – there is a God. Because Arrested Development is in talks with Showtime to keep the show alive on its network. Let’s all pray this is true. In these troubled times, America is in desperate need of the comic relief provided by the delightfully dysfunctional Bluth family. Plus, if America lets the funniest comedy on TV get cancelled, then the terrorists really have won.

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