Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yet-to-be-released Cure Tribute Album Streams on

Robert Smith If you happen to be a fan of indie music with a soft spot for The Cure, you should know that is streaming a new Cure Tribute Album, Just Like Heaven, that won’t be released officially until January 27. Featuring such bands as The Rosebuds and The Submarines, this album brings a fresh perspective to classic Cure songs. Personal favorites include “Just Like Heaven” by Joy Zipper “In Between Days” by Kitty Karlyle and “A Night Like This” by Julie Peel. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

I streamed it and it's fantastic! I like Joy Zipper, Julie Peel, and The Brunettes best. Tanya Donelly is also excellent and a lot of fun. I ordered the album from the label this weekend. They promised I'd have it this week. Woo Hoo

Molly B - Austin, TX

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